9 Feb 2021

UN predicts, North Korea is modernizing its nuclear weapons


United Nations experts have said that North Korea has modernized its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, bypassing sanctions, and is trying to get the materials and technology used in these programs from other countries.

In a report submitted to the Security Council on Monday, a team of experts monitoring the UN sanctions imposed on North Korea said that Kim Jong Un's government has also manufactured materials that can make nuclear weapons.

Experts said he (North Korea) demonstrated short-range new missiles, medium-range, submarine-hit and intercontinental ballistic missiles in a military parade. It announced the development and testing of new ballistic missile weapons and strategic nuclear weapons, and renewed the ballistic missile infrastructure.

North Korea conducted a nuclear test for the first time in 2006 after which the United Nations imposed strict restrictions on it. The United Nations has banned most of the country's exports and limited imports to a great extent to prevent Pyongyang from producing nuclear and ballistic missiles.

The excerpt from the report received by the Associated Press clearly states that North Korea is developing its nuclear and missile programs, illegally importing oil, using international banking channels, ignoring the sanctions. And promoting criminal cyber activities. (language)

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