25 Feb 2021

If indian citizen visits HAZ known as hindu says CM Yogi adityanath


Yogi says if indian citizen goes for HAZ visit or for any reason to foreign visit known as hindu. Hindu is not a religion it's a culture and life style. It's a Sanatan Dharma. we all have proud on our identity.

During Budget session in assembly UP CM yogi adityanath said that india's every citizen identity as a hindu. Yogi says if any citizen of india go for HAZ visit or foreign visit he is known as hindu. and yogi aadityanath said that the people who think hinduism is a communal they are these people who not respecting aayodhya, mathura and kashi.

 Hindu is not a religion.our religion is sanatana. i don't know why some people irritate with hindu word. They are these people who are not respecting the symbol of our heritage, not respecting our shaktipeethas.

Yogi says to samajwadi party members that you all have to learn with Dr. Lohia about Ram, Krishna and Shankar. UP CM says that the found stone of Ram Mandir in ayodhya is a matter of national pride. Whole world accept the Lord Ram besides some people. There was also some evil peoples exist in Ramayana period.

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