25 Feb 2021

Mamta Banerjee reached Secratriate by electric scooty protest against petrol, diesel price hike

Mamta Banerjee reached secretariat by electric scooter. She reached secretariat by scooty in protest of petrol, diesel price hike which is imposed by the central government. she regularly attacking against central government over the price hike and inflation in the country. 

Assembly election will be held soon in west bengal and for this issue political environment is very warm in the state. BJP and Trinmool congress both are alleging each other due to election in assembly election. one hand the BJP alleging Mamta government as a goons government and other hand  Mamta targeting BJP and central government for the price inflation and communal politics.

Mamta Banerjee regularly attacking on central government over the price hike. and in this series of protest she reached secretariat by electric scooty. in her rally kolkata mayor farhad hakim rides the scooty and mamta banerjee sit behind him on scooty. During this both were wears helmet and  also hangs banner in  neck against central government policy.

in the banner written this "Aapki zuban par kya hai - petrol ke damo ki badhotri, diesel ke damo ki badhotri, LPG gas ki keemto mein vradhi". means (what is in your tongue- price hike of petrol, price hike of diesel, price hike of LPG gas) Along with mamta all clerk and officer of secretariat also reached secretariat with electric scooter against the protest of price hike in fuel imposed by central government.

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