25 Feb 2021

NASA released new panoramic view of Mars rover landing site

  NASA has released the first high-definition bird's-eye view of the landing site of its Mars Rover Perseverance at the Jagero Crater. NASA said Wednesday that the newly released panoramic view shows an ancient river delta and a cliff face.

The images were captured by Mastcam-Z, a gummable camera on the Perseverance Rover that landed on Mars on 18 February. The Mastcam-Z is a dual-camera system equipped with a zoom function, allowing cameras to zoom in, focus and high-definition video, as well as to take panoramic colors and 3D images of the Martian surface.

The cameras will help scientists assess the geological history and atmospheric conditions of the Jagero crater and help identify rocks and sediment close by the rover's other instruments. The cameras will also help the mission team determine which rocks the rover should sample and gather to return to Earth in the future. The camera system can reveal details as small as 3 to 5 millimeters near the rover and two to three meters in distant slopes along the horizon.

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