15 Feb 2021

Impeachment proposal not in majority, Trump acquitted

The US Senate failed to obtain the required two-thirds majority to pass impeachment motion against former President Donald Trump, and Trump was acquitted. After a 4-day hearing, the 100-member Senate cast 57 votes in favor of impeachment and 43 votes against it. Trump required 10 more votes to prove guilty.

Trump was accused of inciting the violence his suporters had commited in the US Capitol on 6 January. Trump's 7 senators from his Republican Party voted in support of impeachment against him, but the Democratic Party failed to get the 67 votes needed to convict the former president. The Democratic Party has 50 members in the Senate. Trump is the first president in American history against whom impeachment proceedings have been initiated 2 times. He is the first president to face impeachment action after leaving office. Had Trump been convicted, the Senate could have prevented him from standing for re-election.

Meanwhile, the ruling Democratic Party strongly criticized Republican lawmakers for acquitting Trump, saying his vote to acquit the former president would be remembered as a 'vote to tarnish the history of the US Senate'. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that we saw in the Senate today a group of cowardly leaders of the Republican Party, who clearly have no other choice because they want to save their office.

Political revenge taken

Donald Trump said, 'No president has ever faced this before... It is very sad that a political party has to tarnish the rule of law, insult the law enforcers, promote the mob, rioters was given a free hand to pardon and change justice as a means of political retaliation. ... I have always been and will remain a supporter of the right of Americans to debate the rule of law, law enforcers and cases in a peaceful and respectful manner without hostility.'

Democracy is fragile

US President Joe Biden has said that the acquittal of Trump reminds that, 'Democracy is fragile, it must always be protected, we must be vigilant, violence and fundamentalism have no place in America and the truth It is the responsibility of all of us as Americans, especially leaders, to defend and defeat the lies ... Even though they have not been proved guilty in the last vote, there is no dispute that the allegations against them were true. '

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