11 Feb 2021

Indian Government Expresses Displeasure To Twitter Over Its Various Contents

Latest reports have been coming in from the the controversial arguments between the Indian Government and Twitter in which the latter has reassured and abide by all the Indian laws in in keeping harmony in the country.

Government conveyed to the Twitter leadership that the manner in which Twitter officially allows fake, unverified, anonymous and automated bot accounts to be operated on its platform, raises doubts about its commitment to transparency and healthy conversation on this platform.

Twitter leadership affirmed their commitment towards following Indian laws & rules. They also expressed their continuing commitment towards building their services in India. They have also requested for better engagement between Government of India and Twitter’s global team.

Secretary Ministry of Electronics and IT, GoI held a virtual interaction with Twitter officials. Secretary took up the issue of using a hashtag on ‘farmer genocide’.

Indian government has expressed its strong displeasure on the way Twitter acted after an emergency order was issued to remove this hashtag.

The Indian secretary took this opportunity to remind Twitter that in India, its Constitution and laws are supreme. 

It is expected that responsible entities not only reaffirm but remain committed to compliance to the law of land.

Secretary expressed his deep disappointment to Twitter leadership about the manner in which Twitter has unwillingly, grudgingly and with great delay complied with the substantial parts of the order.

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