11 Feb 2021

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh States Country Is Finding Amicable Solutions To Border Issues

Latest reports have been coming in from Defence Minister Rajnath Singh who has given a statement on ‘present situation in Eastern Ladakh’ in Rajya Sabha(Source: Rajya Sabha TV).

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh makes a statement on ‘present situation in Eastern Ladakh’ in Rajya Sabha we are committed to maintaining a peaceful situation at the Line of Control. 

According to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh India has always emphasised on maintaining bilateral ties.

Our security forces have proved that they are ready to face any challenge to protect the sovereignty of the country as per Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in Rajya Sabha.

Our sustained talks with China have led to agreement on disengagement on the north and south banks of Pangong Lake. 

After this agreement, India-China will remove forward deployments in a phased, coordinated manner. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh while speaking in Rajya Sabha. 

Many fraction areas are built near LAC in Eastern Ladakh. China has collected heavy force and arms and ammunition near LAC.

And in the nearby area on their side. Our forces have also adequate and effectively done counter deployment as per Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

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