11 Feb 2021

Joe Biden Speaks First Time to Chinese president XI Jinping

US-China Taiwan conflict: US President Joe Biden has spoken to Chinese Preddent Xi Jinping over the phone on Chinese Lunar New Year. During this time he has raised the issue of Chinese Pressure in Taiwan.

Biden talked to Jinping 

US Predient Joe Biden spoke to Chinese President XI Jinping over the phone. He greeted the Chinese President for the first time on the chinese New Year. Along with this, china has also been attacked by the increasing aggression. he has raised the issue of China's economic policies, human rights violations and threats to Taiwan.

'Obvious concern'

Biden tweeted: "I have spoken to President Xi jinping today and wished the Chinese people Lunar New year." I have also expressed concerns over China's economic policies, human rights violations and threats to Taiwan. I have told them that when the people of America benifit, I will work with China.

America support Taiwan

A few days ago, China had bluntly told the US that it should immediately reform aggressive policies against Beijing during Donald Trump's term. China also said that Taiwan is the most important and sensitive issue in its relations with the US. Indeed, china asserts its occupation of Taiwan and continues to send its fighters to it airspace while Taiwan has the support of the US. The US Navy is increasing its presence in the South China sea.

America's presence is knocking China

Taiwan's President Sai Ing-wen recently said that his country's relationship with the US ramins strong amid changes in US administration. The president said on Tuesday that China is sending a large number of military aircraft to Taiwan's southwest airspace, ut US military support remains intact. At the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has said that US practice in the South China sea is not conducive to regional peace and stability.

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