1 Feb 2021

Khan sir GS research centre: famous youtube channel among the youngstars

 khan sir GS research centre is now so much famous among the youngstars. Khan sir is giving free or less price classes in patna. and for those student who cant afford the high coaching fees of coaching centre khan sir a god for them because he helps this type of children who they want to do some thing in there life but lack of resources they are not able to do that khan sir help those type of children who really want to do some thing in there life. khan sir transform there life by his knowledge and helping behaviour.

khan sir is the founder-director of GS Research Centre, the largest coaching mine in patna district of Bihar, because of his style of teaching. Famous that his youtube channel has grown so much in a few months. now he has near 6 million subscribers. the specility of his teaching is that it is very easy and easy to use in his Bihari language  which is a very sweet language. He explain any topic very well, people like it very much, people call them by the name of Abdul kalam too. so friends, today we will provide you complete information about khan sir Patna's biography in Hindi. so let's start in this post, we will give you all the information so that you do not need to go to any other  post, first of all, we know about khan sir full bio.

Khan sir patna qualification

Khan sir Patna is a well-qulified teacher in Patna and he has  a coaching centre name is GS research centre and he has a youtube channel. He has done B.SC. &M.SC. 

Khan sir online classes

Khan sir online classes khan sir  is teaching online classes. for online classes he has released an officical app named khan sir officical on which he teaches the online classes. Earlier he had talked about the people of Bihar, but due to online classes has also come to know people from different states. i had read in the beginning that he teaches . initially used 11 the fees were kept and his youtube channel is also khan GS Research centre Patna, which has more than 6 million subscriber.

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