11 Feb 2021

Now does not want to become MP or Minister: Says Gulam nabi azad

Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has bid farewell to the Upper House of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). he said on Wednesday that now people will be able to see him in many places, because he has now become free. He also said that now he neither wants to become MP nor should he hold a ministerial position. Apart from this, they also do not want to take any position in the party.

He said that he is satisfied with his work as a politicians and will continue to serve the public as long as he stays alive. Talking to news agency ANI, Azad said "I was the state president fo Jammu and Kashmir Youth Congress in 1975. I have held many positions in the party. I have worked with many Prime Ministers. I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to work for the country. I am happy that I discharge my duties honestly. I got a chance to know and understand the country and the world."

The Congress leader said, 'I am completely satisfied with my work as a politician. I think as long as I am alive, I will continue  to serve the public. 'When asked about the compliments and congratulations received in Parliament, he said, 'We understand some people deeply and some on the surface. Those who understand me deeply have seen my work for years and therefore became emotional. I am grateful to them all. I will also thank those who messaged me, called and tweeted for me.

Azad further said that I am thankful to the Prime Minister, the President and colleagues of various parties, who praised me and with whom I got an opportunity to work. Regarding his path ahead, he said that now you can see me in many places. I am now free. I have no desire to become a memeber fo Parliament or Minister. I have done a lot of work.

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