9 Feb 2021

Now goverdhan mount of mathura going to be sold

 The stones of Govardhan Parvat located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, are now being sold online and Lakshmi Divine article stores are selling to Govardhan Parvat. Recently, the company has placed an advertisement on the online shopping company India Mart, in which the stones of Govardhan Parvat are being sold for 5 thousand rupees. The company named Govardhan Shila Govardhan Stone Giriraj Krishna Shila in its advertisement. The total price of Shila is Rs 5,175 by the company.

This advertisement of the company is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing which the saint community of Mathura got angry and today laid siege to Govardhan police station. The saints and devotees have demanded to register a case against the company and arrest the owner of the company. Deenbandhu Das Maharaj of Govardhan has said that Giriraj ji Maharaj is the favored deity of us saints and Brajavis, it is written in the texts that it is prohibited to take out the rock of Giriraj. Maharaj has said that Govardhan Parvat is being sold to hurt religious sentiments. Indecent remarks are being made about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The government should take strict measures against such people.


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