19 Feb 2021

Patanjali launched new Coronil tablet claimed "WHO" certified

 Patanjali Ayurved founder Baba ramdev once again launched Coronil tablet in the presense of central health minister Harshvardhan and central road and transport minister Nitin Gadkari. Baba Ramdev claimed that the coronil is certified by the WHO and the Ayush ministery approved it as a additional medicine. Patanjali coronil tablet now will treat corona patient. During Press conversation Patanjali also launch the research book on coronil.

Patanjali Ayurved tweeted that the moment of proud. we have given a scientific certified medicine for corona. When we had given the treatment of corona virus many peoples were raising question against us. but now we prove it scientificly that our medicine is totally certified and safe for the patient.

He said in india many people have recovered from corona virus.and not only allopathy medicine but also ayurvedic medicines have helped people to recover from corona virus. By this ayurvedic kranti many people drink kadha and they do yoga to recover with this virus. We have launched various medicines for the various disease with scientific proof.

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