19 Feb 2021

Union Health Ministry Informs That Till Now Around 1,04,49,942 Vaccinations Has Been Done

Latest reports have been coming in from the Union health ministry which has said and informed media that till now around 1,04,49,942 vaccinations carried out till 6 pm today. 

The vaccination of the healthcare workers is 70,52,845 out of which the 1st dose has been given to 62,95,903 healthcare workers. 

2nd dose has been given to 7,56,942 healthcare workers as informed by Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry.

Mandeep Bhandari, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry has said that the vaccination for frontline workers has been for 33,97,097 till 6 pm today. 

Union health ministry has also informed that till now 12 states, 7 UTs recorded over 75% of 1st dose of healthcare workers coverage.

Bihar with 84.7%, Tripura 82.9%, Odisha 81.8%, Lakshadweep 81%, Gujarat 80.1%, Chhattisgarh 79.7%, Uttarakhand 77.2%, MP 77%, Jharkhand & UP 75.6%, Himachal Pradesh 75.4%, Rajasthan 75% as reported by Union Health Ministry

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