28 Feb 2021

PM Modi said that water is not only life it's also a stream of development and devotion

 On every sunday in his "mann ki batt" radio program For upcoming 22 march in occasion of world water day PM Modi said water conservation is not a responsibility of our but its also the responsibility of the society to conserve the water.

PM Modi said that water is not just a life its a stream of devotion and development and he also request to the people of the nation to conserve the water. In 74th edition of  Man ki baat in Aakashvani he said that for water conservation central government will launch 100 days program for the water conservation. PM Modi said that in every society of the world some rituals regarding there rivers. and many civilization nurtured around the river banks.


He also said that the indian civilization is thousand year old that's why its expansion more found in the country. and he said that there is not a single day in india when a festival is not related to water is not celebrate in the country. During days of Magh people leaves their comfort zone and go for kalpwas on the bank of rivers. and during his whole "Man ki baat" he has metioned many things about the water and its importance.

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