9 Feb 2021

President Biden Spoke To PM Modi For Strengthening Ties Between Two Nations

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where President Biden in the latest development has spoken to Prime Minister Modi for good relations between India and United States of America.

President Biden spoke to PM Modi, committing that US and India will work closely together to win fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

President Biden has spoken to strengthen the ties between both the countries and renew their partnership on climate change.  

President Biden has asked Prime Minister Modi to rebuild the global economy in a way that benefits the people of both countries as per the confirmed sources of White House, Washington DC.

US President has also underscored his desire to defend democratic institutions and norms around the world.

President Biden has also noted the long and strengthen shared commitment to democratic values is bedrock of US-India relationship.

President Biden also asked Prime Minister Modi to resolved that rule of law and democratic process must be upheld in Burma as reported to White House, Washington.

As per sources this conversation between President Biden and Prime Minister Modi was the first official conversation after president Biden became and took charge as president of United States of America.

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