10 Feb 2021

Priyanka on Mia Khalifa's target, asked this question


Former adult star and Lebanese-American media personality Mia Khalifa has been in the news for the past few days after giving her opinion on the farmer movement. Mia Khalifa has clearly stated that, she is in support of the farmers. Mia Khalifa does not like to speak on the issue of farmers. Mia, who spoke on the issue of farmers, has not taken ont actress Priyanka Chopra as well. Mia asked actress Priyanka Chopra in a tweet that, why are they silent.

  it is said that  one of her tweets, Mia Khalifa has raised questions on actress Priyanka Chopra. Mia Khalifa has targeted Priyanka Chopra in her new tweet, saying why is she silent? He wrote in his tweet, 'Will Mrs. Jones ever say anything? I am curious. It seems to me like Shakira's silence over the destruction of Beirut. Silence.

Mia Khalifa is once making headlines after asking such a question to Priyanka Chopra. After this tweet by Mia Khalifa, while many users have justified her question, many Twitter users have also said that Priyanka has spoken on this issue.

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