19 Feb 2021

Rahul gandhi continous attack on modi government over the price hike of fuel

 Rahul gandhi is continous attacking on the modi government over the price hike of petrol and diesel. and for this issue he regularly post many facts and figure and comparison the UPA and NDA government on the twitter. and in this series of tweet he posted another tweet where he say that in Hindi "Wo Jumlo ka shor machate hai aur hum such ka aiina dikhate hai". Where he is quoted #Fuelloot.

In this post rahul gandhi said that when modi government was come in power the price of crude oil in international market is 93 dollar per barrle and  price of petrol 71 rupees and diesel price is 57 rupees   but after 7 years when crude oil value is 30 dollar per barrel less then the conteporaneous price of that time then the price of petrol is touching the price of 100 rupee and the diesel is chasing it.

we inform you that the price of petrol and diesel are incresing regularly and the meter of price hike is continusly raising day by day. and for this issue all opposition patries are on attacking mode against the government. now it will see to that what will be happnen in the future and the price of petrol and diesel will flactuate how much in indian market.

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