20 Feb 2021

Sputnik V will be became the third vaccine to approved in india

 After the Covisheld and covaxin, Sputnik V will be the third vaccine which is approved in india. Sputnik cost and temparature is compatable for india and it is also tested to the all among the population of india. Dr. Reddy team has approved the drug controller of india for emergency use.

 Phizer to had sought approval in december but what keeps Sputnik V ahead of pfizer is that it conducted trials in india wheareas Pfizer's application was based on trial conducted elsewhere.

This is a vaccine that uses two different human common cold viruses that have been modified so that the gene causing the cold infection is removed and instead replaced to sars make covid 2 spike protein. This vaccine is defanetely help the nation to recover with this dangerous virus and fight with a corona.

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