20 Feb 2021

Flying car get approval in america, it will park on home easily

 A flying car has been made in america and its also get the approval by the authorities. This flying car will fly at the speed of 160km per hour along with it will also fly at the hight of 10,000 ft. and when your journey completed you can park at your house easily.

America union aviation authority approved this car. This car is made by terafugia company and launched by it. this car is also get approved as a plane but this car is not get approval to run on road but very soon it will get approval for this.

In this car there is  a 27 foot wide fan which are also portable. 2 persons can enjoy there journey in this flying car. This car will be expected to  launch next year. and pilot training institute will likely to buy this flying car. and in 2023 this car will get approval to run on road.

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