10 Feb 2021

Sukhbir Badal said- real tukde-tukde gang is BJP, provoking punjabi hindu against sikh


Chandigarh Shiromani Akali Dal President Sukhbir Singh Badal on Tuesday lashed out at his former ally party as a 'real piece of gang' for attacking farmers against the 3 agricultural laws at the Center and calling Hindus in Punjab to be Sikhs. Accused of committing.

BJP Kisan Morcha did wisdom purification ceremony for opposition parties opposing agriculture bill

Badal said that the BJP should abandon the 'arrogant attitude' on agricultural laws and accept the farmers' words. He asked the BJP to refrain from committing Hindus against Sikhs in a cautious manner.

He said that if someone speaks in favor of the central government, he is called a 'patriot' and if he speaks against him, he is called a 'piece of gang'.

Badal alleged in a tweet that the BJP in the country is a real piecemeal gang. It has divided the unity of the country into pieces, shamelessly provoking Hindus against Muslims and now desperately pitting peace-loving Punjabi Hindus against their Sikh brothers, especially farmers. Those patriots are pushing Punjab into the fire of communalism.

The Akali Dal broke ties with the ruling NDA at the Center in protest against the agricultural bills passed by Parliament. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, the Akali Dal leader and wife of Sukhbir Singh Badal, resigned from the post of Union Minister. (language)

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