10 Feb 2021

Ministry Of Home Affairs States Hathras Case May Be Transferred To Other Investigating Agency

Latest reports have been coming in from Hathras case where Supreme Court in its order has said that if the need arises case could be transferred to CBI or SIT.

It is reported that SC has observed that petitioners had prayed that Union of India and authorities be ordered to conduct a fair probe.

 If need arises by transferring case to CBI, or SIT be formed could also be thought about.  It was also prayed that a sitting/retired SC/HC Judge be appointed as per Ministry of Home Affairs in RS on Hathras case.

In the said order SC has observed that it would be appropriate for the HC to proceed to monitor the investigation in the manner in which it would desire.

And that CBI shall report to the HC in the manner as would be directed by the HC through its orders from time to time as per MHA in RS.

Further, they also expressed the view that it would be appropriate for investigating agency to complete probe.

And in any event since local police have been divested of probe and CBI is carrying out the investigation, there would be no room for apprehension at this stage as per statement issued by MHA in RS.

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