11 Feb 2021

This is 'two of us, our two' government: Rahul Gandhi

Today on Thursday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi surrounded the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha regarding the agricultural laws and farmers.

Rahul Gandhi termed the three new agricultural laws of the central government as benefiting industrialists and said that this is the government of two of us, our two.

At the beginning of his discussion, Rahul Gandhi said while sarcastically on PM Modi. He said that in this house on Wednesday, the Prime Minsiter said that the opposition is talking about the farmer movement, but is not talking about the subject matter and intent of these laws. Today I thought that I would make them happy, today I will speak on both the subject matter and the intention.

Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of ignoring farmers and said that the issue of farmers is also a budget issue. The ruling party should respect the farmers. Attacking the government, Rahul Gandhi said that this is a government of 'we two' and 'our two'. This government is engaged in giving away the farmers land and their crops to their friends.

 Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister said that the opposition did not discuss the content of the agricultural law. So let me explain what is the content of these laws: - The first content of the agricultural law is to abolish the market .. The content of the second law is that big traders can store as man grains, fruits and vegetables as they want. They can put as many hoardings as they want. The content of the second law is the abolition of the Essential Commodities Act. It will do unlimited hoarding in India .. and the content of this third law is that when a farmer goes before the biggest trader of India to ask for the right price for his crops, he will not be allowed to go to court.

There was a lot of uproar in the Lok Sabha during Rahul Gandhi's address. The ruling party said that the budget has to be discussed today, so why are they not allowing farmers to talk. Howeve, while continuing his speech, Rahul Gandhi said that everyone is saying that now there will be no talk on farmers nor will there be talk on agricultural laws. But I oppose this and as a protest i will speak only on the issue of farmers. Rahul Gandhi said that this government ignored the farmers who were martyred in the movement. This country will always remember their martyr and all the members should stand up and honor them in their honor.

The speaker did not support Rahul Gandhi and there was an uproar again. Rahul Gandhi ended his address here and he left. Today Rahul Gandhi's fiery form was as once again seen and has surrounded the government and PM Modi with the first sentence.

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