13 Feb 2021

This year budget is based on PM Modi's experienses : says Nirmala sitaraman

 Speaking during the budget session in Lok Sabha, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that even in the epidemic, the government has done various things like incentives and reforms. The Finance Minister further said that a challenging situation like an epidemic cannot prevent the government from taking decisions on the reforms needed to sustain long-term development in this country.

 Finance Minister said why Congress used to support agricultural laws earlier and now it has changed. The Congress, which gave promised to the farmers, used to win elections in many states and say that we will give agricultural loans but they did not apply in Madhya Pradesh. The Congress took votes and misled the farmers.In 2013-14, Rs 1,16,931 crore was allocated under revenue, 86,741 crore under capital and 44,500 crore under pension. Now 2,09,319 crore has been allocated under revenue, 1,13,734 crore under capital and 1,33,825 crore under pension.

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