22 Feb 2021

Tiktok star sameer Gyakwad attempt suicide, fed up with personal life

Tiktok star sameer Gyakwad attempt suicide at his residence. Tiktok star  hang himself through a ceiling fan at his house which is situated at Wagholi, pune. reason behind suicide is unknown but his cousin prafful said that he was frustrated with his personel life and his love life not going well.

For the time being, the police have registered a case of suicide. According to the information received from the police Sameer Gaikwad had locked himself in a room. After this, he hanged himself through a ceiling fan by making a sari loop. Sameer's cousin Prafful Gaikwad reached the spot first. He then informed the police about the incident. Police Sameer Gaikwad was rushed to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The police has not received any suicide note from the house of Sameer Gaikwad.

Sameer Gaikwad was very famous due to his tiktok short videos. He was studying at Wadia College, Pune. Before Sameer Gaikwad, America's famous tiktok star Dezharia Shaffer also committed suicide. Famous Dezharia, named Bxbygirlldee and Dee on social media, ended her life at just 18 years old. The reason behind his dreadful move has not been revealed. 

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