23 Feb 2021

US Standing For The Rights Of People In Burma: US State Secretary

Latest reports have been coming in from United States of America which has taken a major step in the Burma crisis.

As per reports coming in from US state department which has informed media that United States has designated two additional officials connected to the coup in Burma.

According to US states secretary Blinken in his media interference has said that United States of America has always told by the interest of people who are being dejected anda traumatized.

According to US State Secretary, US is standing with people of Burma who demand restoration of democratically elected government. 

He further stated that today’s designations are another step to promote accountability for military leaders who perpetrate violence.

According to US State Secretary the military of Burma who is pressurizing and attempting to penetrate violence with an attempt to suppress the will of people will be opposed by United States of America.

The US is standing for the interest of people who are suffering with the the wrong decisions of political parties.

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