13 Feb 2021

VHP will pay tribute to Rinku Sharma at several places in india

 Vishwa hindu parishad will pay tribute to Rinku Sharma at 2500 places in india  who was killed by some people in mangolpuri, delhi. memmorandam address to the president will be given from district to block headquater by vishwa hindu parishad.

This information has been given by Bajrang Dal national convenor Sohan Singh Solanki. and the other hand VHP General secretary dr. Surendra jain raised the big  question on the role of delhi police after the incident. it is said that the delhi police created a  new story to hide there failure. If the police administration had acted on time, the rinku would be alive today. he has demanded adequte security for his family and also demand for a strict action against the culprit. it is said that the case will be hear in the fast track court for imediate justice. and government should be give adequate compensation for his demise. strict steps should be taken by the government to never repeat this incident in the future.

Meanwhile, National spokesperson vinod Bansal had said that this incident is a indication of incompetence of delhi police. Law and order is worsen due to faliure of delhi police. if the police had cautioned the rinku would not lost his life.

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