18 Mar 2021

Huge Rise in Delhi's Jobless, Says Survey

According to a Delhi government-commissioned survey, the rate of unemployment in Delhi six months after the pandemic jumped to 28.5% in October-November 2020 from 11% in January-February 2020. 

Survey says, 89% of unemployed respondents found to continue to search for jobs and 56% have been unemployed for more than six months. There is needs to be work on the development of "employment guarantee program" to help in the recovery of the city's economy.

Around 30% of people who are searching for jobs said they were not able to find work because of economic downfall, whereas 29% of people said it was due to closure of the business.

The Delhi Directorate of Economics and Statistic and the Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission delivered technical guidelines behind the survey like questionnaire development, validation and analysis of results.

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