11 Mar 2021

India Ambassador To UN Says Nations Peace Is Disrupted By Various Reasons

Latest reports have been coming in from United Nations where Indian Deputy permanent representative Ambassador to UN has said that the major threat for peace to nations depends on weapons of terrorism.

According to Indian Ambassador challenges for OSCE are threats to peace from ethnic tensions and violent separatism within states.

The transnational threats are weapons proliferation, terrorism, cybersecurity, migration, environmental damage and drug trafficking.

As per reports N Naidu, Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador to United Nations has been speaking this for the states who are fighting against environmental change, drug trafficking, terrorism and cyber security.

Despite these challenges, OSCE has broken new ground in developing effective tools for conflict prevention, peacebuilding, crisis management.

And post-conflict rehabilitation to address risks and threats to security as per reports coming in from Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador to UN Nagaraj Naidu at UNSC.

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