25 Mar 2021

Indian Army Gypsy overturned, 3 soldiers died, 5 injured


On Wednesday night, Indian Army's gypsy overturned in which 3 soldiers died and 5 were injured in Shri Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan.

According to local police, the accident took place between two and three o'clock in the night. The army's Gypsy was uncontrolled and overturned, after which it caught fire. Due to this, three army soldiers in Gypsy died due to burns and the injured soldiers have been taken to the Military Hospital.

It is being told that the soldiers who died, they fainted after the accident and got trapped in the Gypsy itself, after which Gypsy caught fire and got scorched. One army subedar and two others are soldiers among the dead.

According to the information, the army personnel riding in Gypsy are being told of the 47-AD unit of Bathinda as he had come to Suratgarh for the exercise.

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