25 Mar 2021

Himachal Pradesh ranked first in TB elimination campaign


In the tuberculosis elimination programme, Himachal Pradesh has ranked first in the country among states with a population of more than 50 lakh people.

According to the Sustainable Development Goals, tuberculosis should be eradicated by 2030, State health secretary Amitabh Awasthi had said in Shimla on Thursday.

“However, the country is committed to eliminating tuberculosis by 2025, and Himachal Pradesh has set a target that is ahead of the national deadline,” he added.

The national conference was held in Delhi's Ambedkar Bhawan. This year, the Indian government began subnational certification of states and districts for the elimination of tuberculosis, and five districts in Himachal Pradesh, Una, Hamirpur, Kangra, Lahaul and Spiti, and Kinnaur, applied.

The survey was conducted in February, and the findings were collected and announced on World Tuberculosis Day, which was celebrated on Wednesday. The Indian government also rates the states based on their participation in the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme.

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