15 Mar 2021

India's Relation With US Strong In Biden Administration: TS Sandhu

TS Sandhu while speaking to ANI has said that You will recall in 2014 and 2016 equation between PM Modi and the then VP Biden was extremely good. 

Not only at the lunch he hosted in 2014 but also in 2016 in the joint session of Congress where the then Vice President Biden presided.

India's Envoy to US TS Sandhu on equation between PM Modi and President Biden.

Coming to Quad Summit, you have to just see public viewing of the first 5 minutes and I think you can see. General atmosphere was very good amongst all leaders. 

India-US relationship is much deeper and this was very much reflected in equation between PM Modi and President Biden.

The desire was to have an in-person summit but due to the pandemic, it wasn't possible. You've seen in joint statement.

There's clear indication that foreign ministers will meet and by year-end all 4 leaders have pledged to have in-person summit as per India's Envoy to US on Quad Summit while speaking to ANI.

US Defence Secy Lloyd Austin is going to be the first senior cabinet minister visiting India (under Joe Biden presidency). 

This visit is a reflection of the importance which the US accords to India and the importance of our bilateral relationship as per TS Sandhu, Indian Ambassador to US 

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