30 Mar 2021

Terror Camps Still Functional Across Borders

Latest reports have been coming in from ANI where Army Chief General M M Narwane has said that terror camps and infrastructure still exist on other side of LoC. 

For terrorism to come down,the camps have to get dismantled. It's only when snow melts will we come to know how serious Pakistan is about dismantling terror infrastructure for putting people across as per Army Chief to ANI.

Army Chief General MM Naravane to ANI also added that we also have some local terrorists who increasingly feel marginalised.

And in the recent past 1 or 2 acts have taken place which are just acts of desperation on their part.

Army Chief General MM Naravane speaks to ANI on India-China disengagement in Ladakh. 

He says, "We have not lost out on any territory, we are where we were before this whole thing started. Not an inch of land has been lost."

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