3 Apr 2021

Mumbai's NIA Court Directs Agency To Submit Detailed Report On Waze's Health

Latest reports have been coming in from Maharashtra where suspended Mumbai Police officer Sachin Waze has been brought to Special NIA court in Mumbai.

According to sources Waze is an accused in Mansukh Hiren death case. 

Wuth the latest reports from Mumbai, this special NIA court allows the application of Sachin Waze's brother Sudharam for a 5-minute meeting with him to hand over fresh clothes in the courtroom.

Mumbai's NIA court also directs the agency to submit a detailed report on Waze's health with specifics of health condition and ailments on April 7, the last day of Waze's custody granted by the court.

According to Sudharm, brother of Sachin Waze who have said that we have complete faith in NIA and judiciary.

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