12 Jun 2021

Covid Has Zoonotic Appearance: Dr. Rakesh Misra

Latest reports have been coming in from CCMB advisor doctor Rakesh Misra who has said that it's very unlikely that something of this kind has come from a lab. 

More likely it's a zoonotic origin from bat that spread in people, stayed there for some time and then acquired COVID-19 status according to CCMB advisor Dr Rakesh Misra on reports suggesting possible Wuhan lab leak.

Dr Rakesh Misra has further added It could also be that from the bat, it infected some other animal. 

Bat (as the origin point) because it's the closest relative of this virus with 96% similarity in terms of genetic material: Dr Rakesh Misra

Dr Rakesh Misra on ICMR sero survey has said that it helps us find out the infection rate and how many have anti-bodies, or how far are we from herd immunity. 

It will also tell us which party of the country has less positivity as per Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCBM) advisor Dr Rakesh Misra on ICMR sero survey.

Dr Rakesh has further added that it will also tell us about anti-bodies in people who are already vaccinated. A large scale serosurvey in the country will be very useful.

Looks like 80-90% of cases in most countries are due to Delta variant. But it will change in say two months with newer versions of the variant. 

Some reports in the UK suggested that Delta is acquiring some nutritions but that doesn't mean it will be more harmful as per Dr Rakesh Misra while speaking to ANI.

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