7 Jun 2021

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh Speaks On United Nations General Assembly Session On Corruption

Latest reports have been coming in from United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Special Session on "Corruption" (06.06.21) session where Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh has said that the world is presently combatting another serious emerging challenge of fugitive economic offenders .

Accordingly he added that the assets which flew across the national jurisdictions as per Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Special Session on "Corruption" (06.06.21).

Law empowers authorities for non-conviction-based attachment and confiscation of proceeds of crime, properties and assets of a fugitive economic offender against whom a warrant for arrest in relation to a scheduled offence issued by any court in India according to Union Minister Jitendra Singh.

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh  conveyed India's appreciation to countries who're taking fight ahead in right direction by intensifying efforts, sustaining political commitment.

He further added that decisive action against preventing and combating corruption by way of endorsing United Nations political declaration: Jitendra Singh

As accused take shelter in foreign countries and conceal proceeds of crime in complex legal structures over different countries and jurisdictions, gaps and weaknesses of international cooperation in this area are fully exploited by them to their advantage as per Union Minister Jitendra Singh.

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