8 Jul 2021

Cairn Energy Seizes State-Owned Property Of Government Of India In Paris

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of Finance which has stated that there have been news reports that Cairn Energy has seized State-owned property of the Government of India in Paris.

According to the sources however Govt of India has not received any notice, order, or communication, in this regard, from any French Court according to Ministry of Finance.

According to Ministry of Finance the Government is trying to ascertain the facts, and whenever such an order is received, appropriate legal remedies will be taken, in consultation with its Counsels, to protect the interests of India.

Government has already filed an application on March 22, 2021 to set aside the December 2020 international arbitral award in The Hague Court of Appeal. 

Government of India will vigorously defend its case in Set Aside proceedings at The Hague according to the Ministry of Finance.

The CEO and representatives of Cairns have approached Govt of India for discussions to resolve the matter. 

Constructive discussions have been held and Government remains open for an amicable solution to the dispute within the country’s legal framework.

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