26 Jul 2021

Inspirational Story Of Three Brothers From Kerala

Latest reports have been coming in from ANI which has shared an inspiration story of three brothers who are living in from Kerala.

According to reports coming in from Kerala three brothers from Cherupuzha, Kannur repair bulbs, electronic items and make LED bulbs to run the family. 

As per reports coming in from ANI after their father's death their mother used to run the house through tailoring but the business was badly affected and was not doing well due to COVID.

Sony Sebastian, a class 12 student who has been repairing the electronic items to make LED bulbs to run and meet the daily ends of the family is the eldest one.

He has further added that after the tailoring business of their mother ran into crisis that is when they began repairing bulbs of neighbourhood. 

It fetched them income and after that they had received many orders during lockdown when all other shops were closed. 

We meet our household as well as education expenses with this income. My two younger brothers also help me said Sony Sebastian.

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