6 Jul 2021

MD Twitter Appears Before Karnataka High Court

Latest reports have been coming in from Karnataka where Karnataka High Court has heard Twitter Managing Director Manish Maheshwari's petition against notice issued by Ghaziabad, UP Police under Sec 41A CrPC.

The petition was heard by the Karnataka High court after the Karnataka High court have ordered Managing Director Manish Maheshwari of Twitter to appear physically before the police.

The Court heard the matter on June 24 and granted interim relief to Twitter MD.

However earlier UP Police's counsel advocate Prasanna Kumar had requested an adjournment in the case.

According to reports coming in from Karnataka High court if respondent only wants to know from me who's in-charge of the company then where is the question of issuing me a notice under section 41A? 

A hidden agenda lies here. No complaint as such has been made against nor a crime registered by respondent against me as reiterated by Twitter MD's counsel.

The crime is registered only against an institution/company which is being run by a board. The directors' names are available. 

Police can't name me (Twitter MD) as the person representing the company according to Twitter MD's counsel in Karnataka High Court.

Judge asks UP Police Counsel - What's the crux of the allegations? On Twitter, a doctored video was uploaded. Twitter India isn't connected with this incident. What is the allegation against it? There must be substance to say that Twitter India is capable of removing it.

You're probing the company. To probe, you're required to identify the individual but if the entity isn't able to commit such action where's the point? This petition is nothing unless you can show he could've prevented it according to Karnataka HC to UP Police counsel.

Next hearing will be held tomorrow.

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