19 Jul 2021

Setting New Milestone In IVF By Dr. Gauri

Reports are coming in that a woman was unable to conceive even after eight years of marriage. The woman then decided to go for IVF treatment by one of the India's top IVF expert Gauri Agrawal. 

With 3 embryos implanted 4 babies result which is because one of the embryos divided for the to form monoamniotic-monochorionic twins.

The to be parents was extremely happy and delighted with quadruplet conception news and decided to go for the in-house fetal reduction which was offered by Dr Gauri. 

After counselling and contemplation of going to the risk of carrying quadruplet pregnancy the to be mother agreed for cervical stitch after 16 weeks. 

The woman has successfully delivered 4 healthy babies. Many congratulations to newly made parents and Doctor Gauri Agrawal who is infertility and IVF specialist for carrying out a complex case with so much is an expertise.

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