16 Jul 2021

UK Carrier Strike Group 2021 Being Organised

Latest reports have been coming in from United Kingdom where British High Commission has confirmed that UK Carrier Strike Group 2021 has been going on.

According to reports this Group is led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, has sailed into Indian Ocean Region, having recently transited Suez Canal. It's sailing East across Indian Ocean towards India. 

It'll also meet with ships from Indian Navy for routine maritime exercises according to British High Commission.

The Carrier Strike Group's a powerful demonstration of our commitment to security of India & Indo-Pacific. 

Its arrival follows UK’s first International Liaison Officer joining Indian Navy’s Info Fusion Centre-Indian Ocean Region in Gurugram.

This has been informed by British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis. 

According to the official today marks another step towards delivering the ambition set out jointly by our Prime Ministers in the 2030 Roadmap.

This will be bringing our countries, economies and people closer together as per British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis

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