31 Aug 2021

End Of US Mission In Afganistan As Last US Soldier Leaves Afganistan

Latest reports having coming in from Afghanistan where the last American soldier left for his country United States of America.

According to reports coming in the last American soldier to leave Afghanistan- Major General Chris Donahue, boarded C-17 aircraft on August 30.

This has marked the end of US mission in Kabul according to the tweets US Department of Defense.

According to reports from United States of America a statement, Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin which has stated that US has moved some 6,000 Americans out of harm’s way and has evacuated more than 123,000 people from Afghanistan.

As per reports the evacuation the people who were evacuated comprised of the vast majority of whom are Afghans, friends and allies.

According to US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin the country has lost 2,461 troops in that war in Afghanistan and tens of thousands of others suffered wounds, seen and unseen.

The US secretary further added that we will work hard to defend our citizens from terrorist threats emanating from anywhere around the globe.

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