6 Aug 2021

First Robotic Drainage Cleaning Machine Developed in Rajasthan

Latest reports have been coming in from Rajasthan where a Jaipur-based company has developed robot for drainage cleaning.

According to reports coming in from ANI the Jaipur based companies Robot "Xena 6.0, world's first solar-powered robot."

The robot is equipped with a camera, GPS and 19 gas detection sensors and has potential to eliminate the practice of manual scavenging according to Club First MD Bhuvnesh Mishra.

As per reports Bhuvnesh Mishra, MD of Jaipur-based Club while speaking to ANI has said that this is the first time that our Xena 5.0 robot can be used for multiple purposes including rescue operations, firefighting, agriculture and defence. 

It can carry a load of 200-kg and drag another 100-kg weight according to Bhuvnesh Mishra, MD of Jaipur-based Club First.

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