14 Aug 2021

Indian Delegation Meets Taliban: Spokesperson For Taliban Mohammed Sohail Shaheen

Latest reports have been coming in from Taliban where there has been reports by Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Sohail Shaheen who has said while speaking to ANI that there were reports about Indian delegation meeting our delegation, but I can’t confirm that. 

According to my information (separate) meeting hasn't happened but yesterday we had a meeting in Doha, in which an Indian delegation also participated according to Taliban Spokesperson Muhammed Suhail Shaheen

That flag was removed by Sikh community themselves. When our security officials went there, they said that if flag is seen, someone will harass them. 

Our people assured them and they hoisted it again according to Taliban Spokesperson for ANI on removal of Nishan Sahib from a Gurudwara in Afghanistan's Paktia.

Taliban Spokesperson Muhammed Suhail Shaheen to ANI on Taliban having deep linkages with Pak-based terror groups that these are baseless allegations. 

They are not based on ground realities but on basis of their certain policies towards us, on the basis of politically motivated goals.

According to him if they (India) come to Afghanistan militarily and have their presence, I think that will not be good for them. 

They have seen the fate of military presence in Afghanistan of other countries, so it is an open book for them says the Taliban Spokesperson Muhammed Suhail Shaheen while speaking to ANI. 

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