2 Sept 2021

Centre Misleading Tax Payers: Congress Leader Sachin Pilot

Latest reports having coming in from Congress leader Sachin Pilot who in a press statement have said that the centre is misleading people and citizens of the country with their ideas.

According to reports coming in Congress leader Sachin Pilot has said that the money that GoI will raise, will it go to fulfill the Rs 5.5 lakh crores deficit that we are running today or is it there to boost revenue? 

The monetization and strategic giving away of our assets is what we are opposing according to Congress leader Sachin Pilot.

The Centre says that the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) will get revenue of Rs 6 lakh crores for next 4 years, Rs 1.5 lakh crores the FM said we will get by monetizing assets- roads, highways, railways.

These have been built over last 6 decades with the hard-earned money of tax payers which the tax payers are not getting any relief says Sachin Pilot.

The Government of India is known for marketing and branding. I recall we have had a very successful polio eradication campaign, that went on for decades. 

Never saw then PMs, leaders marketing or making people feel obliged about it.

The leader has further added that this COVID vaccination itself was very controversial. It was being sold to Centre, states, hospitals at varying prices. 

And this has clear that there would be black marketing. After pressure, they agreed to sell it for free. Now branding, marketing has taken over according to Congress leader Sachin Pilot. 

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