25 Sept 2021

Joint Statement Released By Quad Countries Meeting

Latest reports have been coming in from Quad countries meeting held in United States of America which has released a joint statement COVID has caused continued global suffering.

According to the statement climate crisis has accelerated and regional security has become ever-more complex, testing all of our countries individually and together. 

But cooperation remains unflinching.  The Quad countries includes India, US, Australia and Japan.

According to the joint statement as Quad countries, we have pledged to donate more than 1.2 billion vaccine doses globally.

In addition to the doses we have financed through COVAX according to Quad countries in a joint statement, as quoted by White House.

According to the reports Japan, through Japan Bank for International Cooperation, will work with India to enhance key investments of approximately $100 million in the healthcare sector related to COVID-19, including vaccine and treatment drugs.

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