16 Sept 2021

The Equality Of The Vote Must Necessarily Co-Exist With Equity Of Human Dignity: EAM Dr Jaishankar

Latest reports have been coming in from External Affairs Ministry which has stated that external affairs minister Dr Jaishankar has said that you site is can compare its historical characteristics with others.

According to reports the Minister has said apt that International Day of Democracy is commemorated with particular enthusiasm in world’s largest democracy. 

For India democracy wasn't just a choice we made in 1947 but way of life well before. Few societies can compare with pluralism that's been our historical characteristic.

Democracy isn't just incomplete without delivery, this can even affect its credibility. Whether it's in providing access to toilets, electricity &piped water, or in the near universalisation of bank accounts, democratic means are now realizing democratic ends according to EAM Dr S Jaishankar

The equality of the vote must necessarily co-exist with the equity of human dignity. One is pointless without the other.

Seen in that framework, India’s ongoing accomplishments are validating its democratic credentials as per reports from EAM Dr S Jaishankar.

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