7 Oct 2021

Ambarnath In Thane Reports Wall Collapse Killing 2 And Injuring Many

Latest reports have been coming in from the economic state of the country Mumbai where according to Thane Municipal Corporation two person have lost their lives.

According to reports from Thane Municipal Corporation which has stated that Ambarnath area of Thane witnessed a wall collapse due to continuous rain.

As per reports in this wall collapse two persons have lost their lives and other suffered injuries after a wall collapsed in the Ambernath area of Thane earlier today due to rain. 

However rescue operation is  underway and the administration and palace in a joint venture are carrying out this rescue operation and are searching for more people who may have been under the debris according to Thane Municipal Corporation.

As per reports from Ambernath wall collapse, the injured  persons were rescued from debris and are being hospitalized according to Thane Municipal Corporation.

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