29 Oct 2021

Bangladesh Government Releases Official Statement In Bangladesh Communal Violence

Latest reports have been coming in from Bangladesh where the Bangladesh government has shared a statement regarding the recent violence that has been reported between two communities in the country.

According to reports coming in the Bangladesh government has stated that contrary to all ongoing propaganda, only 6 people died during recent violence of which 4 were Muslims, killed during encounters with law enforcing authorities and 2 were Hindus.

The statement has been read from the side of Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on recent violence incidents.

The statement of Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen further reads that one of whom had normal death and another when he jumped in a pond. None was raped and not a single Mandir was destroyed.

As per sources reportedly a drug-addict person left a copy of Holy Quran near foot of a deity when there was no worshippers or organizer at Puja Mondop.

And another person took a photo of it and put it up in social media, sparking outrage, Bangladesh said in a statement.

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