8 Oct 2021

Indian Air Force Celebrating Air Force Day Today

Latest reports have been coming in from Indian Air Force which has been celebrating its Air Force day today. According to the sources from Indian Air Force coming in which has it shared it's response to the standoff in Galwan in June 2020.

Indian Air Force has said that the 2255 Squadron equipped with OSA-AK-M, Surface to Air Guided Weapon Squadron located in Kashmir to ensure Air Defence of VA/ VPs in Kashmir, Ladakh sectors. 

The Squadron was mobilised for Air Defence activation in Ladakh in response to the Galwan standoff in June 2020 according to IAF.

The 116 Helicopter Unit equipped with ALH Rudra armed choppers has been awarded Chief of Air Staff citation for ops at Pakistan border against slow-moving aircraft post Balakot airstrikes.

According to the reports coming in from Indian Air Force this has been done for being deployed at forward airbase along northern borders post-Galwan clash.

This Air Force Day, Chief of Air Staff Unit Citation will be awarded to 3 units including the 47 Squadron for operations along Pakistan border, post-Feb 26, 2019.

Balakot Air Strikes and in Ladakh sector opposite China since April-May last year for extensive high altitude ops as per reports coming in from Indian Air Force.

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