22 Nov 2021

Recent Rains Took Lives Of 24 People And Extensive Damage Reported From Karnataka

Latest reports of income in from Chief Minister of Karnataka office which has reported that the heavy rains over the past few days have taken a toll of 24 people and have done extensive damage of crop and livestock in the past few days.

According to recent reports have been from Karnataka Karnataka Chief Minister office have the latest data for continuous rains and floods in the state.

According to reports till now a total of 24 people lost their lives due to heavy rain in Karnataka. 

As per reports besides the loss of life of people an extensive crop damage has also occurred.

According to sources till now over 5 hectares of cultivation have been damaged due to continuous rains. 

As many as 658 houses were completely damaged while 8,495 homes were partially damaged. At least 191 livestock were reported dead according to reports coming in from CMO.

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